Considerations to Make When Buying a Fan for Your Home

Home fans are a great idea for those who want to be a little cooler and save on the energy bills associated with an air conditioner. If you choose the right fans for your home, you likely won’t need central air or even a window unit. As you search and shop for the right fans for your home, make the following considerations.

Type of Fan

First, you’ll need to choose the basic type of fan that you want. Do you prefer a fan on a stand, a table fan, or a window fan? Stand fans are nice for cooling entire rooms, and they allow you to have more table space. On the other hand, table fans tend to be less expensive and take up less floor space if that is something that is limited in your home. In addition, these fans are usually smaller than stand fans, so unless you just want a little cool air blowing, a large fan makes sense for maximum coolness.

Finally, window units actually fit in the window and bring air from outside into your home. This is great for adding fresh air to your rooms, but you will need to have the windows open to use these fans. Also, keep in mind that window fans are best used at night when the air is cooler. Using them in the daytime can bring a lot of warm air in the house.

Remote Control

Some fans come with remote controls. These units may be more expensive, but a remote control can be a nice accessory to have, and this is especially true at night. Sometimes when you go to sleep at night, the air is hot, so you’ll have your fan on full throttle. Throughout the night, it usually gets cooler, and you may want to turn your fan down or off. With a remote, you can simply reach over to the bed stand and turn off the fan. Those with disabilities will also appreciate this feature.

Blade or Slim Oscillating Fan

Finally, you can choose between a slim fan that usually stands a few feet tall on the ground or the standard, round fan that has blades. Some people prefer the slimmer fan because they say it is sleeker, quieter and easier to clean. But standard circular fans still get the job of cooling done, and they often tend to be less expensive.