The Pros and Cons of Heating Systems

There are several types of heating systems, and each system has advantages and disadvantages. Some systems are great at reducing energy bills and carbon emissions. Here are the pros and cons of four heating systems found in homes.

Heating System Nostalgia

Steam radiators are nostalgic, and they are often found in older homes. They stand vertical and use steam to heat rooms. Most units are small and can quickly heat rooms to a comfortable temperature. Homeowners should keep furniture away from the unit.

Heated Floors and Walls

A Radiant heating system can be installed in walls or floors. Homeowners with heated floors use a radiant heating system, and a boiler is used to heat water in the pipes beneath the floors. This heating method evenly distributes heat, but it can take several minutes to heat a cold floor. The pipes can be expensive to install, and an HVAC technician could have difficulty accessing the pipes if the system needs to be repaired.

Using the Earth’s Energy

Geothermal heat pumps are popular in warm climates. Since the temperature underground is relatively stable, homes in warm climates can be heated with geothermal energy. The pipes under the home can freeze in frigid temperatures, so geothermal heat pumps are not recommended for homes in areas with harsh winters.

Heating with Solar Energy

Solar power can be used to heat homes. Homeowners in warm climates can use the sun to provide up to seventy percent of their heating needs. The energy is cleaner than oil and natural gas, and solar energy helps homeowners save money on their electric bill. Since the sun produces less heat in the winter months, homeowners should use a second heating source when the weather is cold.

A home can be heated with a combination of heating systems. Some methods are cleaner than others, but each system has pros and cons. Before purchasing a new heating system, homeowners should research zoning restrictions and tax rebates. Some energy efficient heating systems are eligible for a tax credit. A heating system should only be installed by a licensed professional HVAC technician.