How to Choose Between an Iron and a Steamer

Some people may try to get away with not having an iron or a steamer, but if you ever want to do well at a job interview or attend a wedding or other ceremony looking stylish, you should at least have one of these two appliances at your disposal. The question is: which is better, an iron or a steamer? Let’s get down to brass tacks by looking at the pros and cons of both of these appliances.


Most people own irons over steamers. This is a common household appliance. With an iron, are you at able to control the heat settings precisely, and you can even change the settings according to what sort of material you want to press. For example, jeans and other denim items may require a higher heat setting than silk or lace.

In addition, irons actually do the job of steamers in many ways because some can produce steam when you purchase them with water reservoirs. You are able to iron very wrinkled items quite easily because of your ability to actually press down with the steel iron’s surface. With a steamer, this can be difficult. One of the main problems with irons is that they tend to damage some clothing if you are not careful. The heat goes directly onto whatever you are ironing, so this can also fade dark clothing where a steamer uses remote heat and steam to do the pressing.


When you use a steamer to press your clothing, hot water is released as steam through the air, and this helps to relax items of clothing so that wrinkles disappear. There is very little to no direct contact between your steamer and in the actual garments themselves. In this way, clothing items are often better protected from damage from the hot metal plate of irons.

In addition, steamers are nice because they create a uniform press. In other words, irons often press one side of a garment, but by the time you get to the other side of the garment, the side you just pressed has been winkled again. You generally put clothes on a hanger while you steam them. The problem with steamers is that they are not very compact for traveling, and they can leave moisture spots in some cases. Whether you choose an iron or a steamer, it’s a smart idea to have one variation of these products in your home so that you can have nicely pressed clothing at all times.