Reasons Why You Should Appreciate Your Freezer

Many people take their modern refrigerators and freezers for granted. The appliances we know and love in their current forms have only been popular for the last three quarters of a century.

Humans have known for thousands of years that cold temperatures help prevent the rapid bacteria, mold and other microorganism growth that occurs in warmer temperatures and that food preservation lasts longer in the coldest temperatures. Right before the invention of the modern freezer, people used iceboxes.

What is an icebox?

Traditionally, an icebox was a wooden cabinet with an interior metal liner and a space between the wood and metal that acted as insulation. An icebox owner would pack the wall space with materials that would increase the insulation properties and then place a block of ice in a special compartment within the cabinet.

Modern Freezer Benefits

A modern freezer is an important appliance for many reasons:

– It can maintain consistent optimal temperatures for the highest level of cold-style food preservation. Although iceboxes kept foods chilled, they didn’t provide the preservation capabilities that we now enjoy. As an ice block melted, an icebox’s internal temperature would fluctuate and food would decay far more rapidly than today. People would also regularly get sick.

– Melting ice caused extra work for icebox owners. They would have to constantly clean to prevent microorganism growth, and they would spend a lot of time removing the melted ice water.

– Modern freezers stay cold as long as they are in working order and receive electricity. Even if your electricity goes out, a modern freezer can keep foods preserved between 24 to 48 hours depending on the amount of items in the freezer and the design. Iceboxes usually stopped preserving food shortly after the ice melted. They were also absolutely useless as cold-storage if you didn’t have enough money to buy ice or the ice salesman ran out of ice.

– Freezers also offer a lot more storage and space options than iceboxes. You can purchase refrigerator-freezer combinations that have built-in top-door or bottom drawer designs. You can also purchase unattached portable freezer chests and upright freezers with pullout shelves. Another convenient freezer capability is auto defrosting. Unlike iceboxes, modern freezers experience ice buildup over time. With auto defrosting you do not have to chip away at the ice to remove it. The freezer does all of the work.