Five Specialty Appliances that are Truly Useful

It is easy to end up with a closet full of specialty appliances that never get used. Here are popular specialty appliances that really do provide benefits, and what to consider when you’re shopping for each.

Popcorn Popper

Popping popcorn without a popper can be difficult. You have to constantly stir the popcorn or it will burn, and it can fly all over, creating a mess. Popcorn poppers make popping corn quick and easy. Look for models with built-in bowls and butter wells to make the process even easier.

Food Dehydrator

Dried fruits, meats and other foods are delicious and they are convenient to take on the go, but purchasing them in the store can be expensive. If you love eating dried foods, you may want to consider purchasing a dehydrator to save money. Look for dehydrators that are compact and will fit your available space. Make sure the model you purchase also has a wide range of settings so you can use it to dry different types of food. If you want to dehydrate large batches of food, you may want to consider a dehydrator with stacking shelves that allows you to dehydrate a lot of food at once.

Egg Boiler

Boiling eggs can be time consuming and messy. Plus, if you lower eggs into boiling water without being exceptionally careful, they will crack and leak during boiling. An egg boiler is handy because you can make hard boiled eggs without any boiling water. Make sure to get an egg boiler with a large enough capacity to accommodate the batches you’d like to make. A small boiler is probably sufficient to prepare eggs for breakfast, but if you’re making things like egg salads, you will likely want a larger boiler.

Crepe Makers

If you love crepes but haven’t mastered the art of flipping them, you may want to invest in a crepe maker. This specialty appliance makes it easy to cook delicate crepes without ripping or tearing them. Look for models that feature easy to clean designs with removable plates or dishwasher safe parts.

Chocolate Fountains

If you entertain often, chocolate fountains are an easy way to add an elegant treat to your get together. Chocolate fountains can be used to add style to a fondue party or a special reception. Look for models with removable bowls for easy cleanup.

The specialty appliances above are all useful and have stood the test of time. Consider adding these specialty appliances to your kitchen if you think you would benefit from them on a regular basis.