Should You Buy a Warming Drawer?

A warming drawer can be a luxurious appliance to include in your kitchen. However, warming drawers aren’t necessarily beneficial for every cook. Consider the things below when deciding if you want to invest in a warming drawer, so you can be sure a warming drawer is the right choice for you.

How Often You Entertain

One of the main reasons people get warming drawers is because they do a lot of entertaining. Warming drawers are a great way to warm plates when you are cooking for large groups of people. The drawer allows you to keep cooked food warm while you’re preparing other dishes. Touch control features on warming drawers allow you to select the right temperature, so you can use the drawer to keep a number of different foods warm without drying them out.

How Often You Bake

If you bake bread or other items that need to rise, warming drawers are very useful for bread proofing. If your house is cold, a warming drawer can provide the right temperature to proof bread and other types of dough, making it easier to do your baking. This can also save counter space while you’re waiting for your dough to rise. The touch control features on warming drawers also allow you to accurately set the drawer to a certain temperature, so you can perfect your rising process.

The Size of Your Family

You’ll be making more food and probably even be doing more baking if you have large family. It may make sense to invest in a warming drawer if you find that you are always struggling to keep foods warm while you make other dishes so you can feed your entire family a nice, hot meal. Investing in a warming drawer can help you prepare food for your large family by allowing you to keep foods hot while you make others.

Whether You Slow Cook Food

Some warming drawers have features that allow them to be used for slow cooking. This is a great way to slowly cook meals without having to use a crock pot, which takes up extra counter space and is something you have to store when not in use. Slow cooking with a warming drawer can be easier and allow for faster clean up.

If you decide that a warming drawer is right for you, you can find many options at appliance stores and online. Warming drawers can make your life easier if you really have a need for them.