What to Consider When Defining Your Personal Fashion Style

Even adults who are confident and secure in themselves struggle with choosing clothing that seems to elicit a personal style. One reason for this is that our personalities, interests and lifestyles are constantly evolving. For example, if you once worked in an office and now work from home, chances are you probably dress a lot more casually these days than you did in your corporate days. There are certain things to keep in mind such as the occasion, colors that complement your skin tone, the fit, whether you’re plus size or slim, the mood you want to express and the assets you’d like to enhance. Here are some things to consider when defining your personal style.

Picture It

A good place to start to get an idea of your personal style preference is with pictures. Find a way to gather photos of apparel looks you love. You could cut pictures from magazines and create a vision board with them so that you can get a visual representation of the kinds of looks that appeal to you. It’s likely you’ll begin to notice a pattern. Another way of doing this in digital form is to use Pinterest to create a fashion inspiration board.

Name It

Take a look at the inspirational collage you created, either on poster board or through Pinterest, and write down the first words that come to mind. Remember, you want to create a feeling, mood or vibe through your use of style. Take a look at the particular words that appeal to you with regard to the looks you chose for your board. This list of words will help guide your style choices.

Notice It

When trying to determine your personal fashion style, take the time to notice the current items in your closet that you love. Do you have a bunch of items in one or two colors that you wear often? The reason is likely because that color makes you happy and flatters your skin tone. Is there a signature piece you can’t live without and that gets you oodles of compliments? Build your future wardrobe choices around that piece. Also, take notice of which of your physical features you’re most proud of, then be sure to play them up. If you have a narrow waist, choose a fit that shows it off, for example.

These are merely a few tips to get you started on the journey toward defining your personal fashion style. Get creative, ask your friends for ideas and just have fun with it!