Extreme Couponing as a Lifestyle

In the current economy, money is tight for most people, so more and more individuals are taking the extra time to clip coupons and hunt for bargains. Whole reality television series are dedicated to extreme couponers, who have mastered the art of stretching their dollar to incredible lengths. Some of these people are able to buy a cart full of groceries for under ten dollars, though it usually means stocking up on multiples of certain items and vigilantly watching for sales and rebate programs.

Extreme couponing takes a great deal of organization. People who do this set aside time every week for this pastime, and some even take time out every day. These savvy shoppers keep coupons carefully categorized in baggies, envelopes or accordion folders. The coupons are stored in chronological order so that those expiring first are on top. Another folder may be designated for keeping track of sales and special deals.

Like everyone else, extreme couponers seek out coupons in the weekly newspapers and collect coupons send out in weekly flyers and other mailings. However, they do not stop there. For one thing, they usually collect multiple copies of each. They may appeal to friends and relatives to save newspapers and flyers for them or purchase extra newspapers themselves. Many stores allow double and even triple coupons, so the savings can easily outweigh the cost.

They also take advantage of online coupons. Not only do they do basic searches to bring up coupons, but they know what specific sites feature the most reliable coupons. When they shop at online retailers, they always are able to find coupon codes and often find ways of taking advantage of more than one at once. They also participate in groups that get together to swap coupons and online clubs dedicated to living a frugal lifestyle. They often receive e-mails and check message boards where other shoppers share tips for how to be a successful couponer and link to coupons and sales.

Finally, these savvy shoppers always know their way around a store’s loyalty programs. They are very aware of rebates and make sure to send them in, and when stores offer double, triple or other bonus points, they time their trips to coincide so that they will get the biggest reward possible. For a person with limited or no employment, extreme couponing is a powerful way to contribute to a household’s success.