Store Liquidation Sales Offer Incredible Deals

You don’t need to be a shopaholic, budget guru or bargain hunter to appreciate a good deal, and store liquidation sales offer some of the best deals you will ever find on a wide range of products. If you’ve never checked out these sales before, now is the time.

What is a store liquidation sale?

Plenty of retail stores, both well-known and new, go through proceedings to dissolve a company and turn assets into cash. The most common reasons are:

– A company’s owners or shareholders decide that they want to close the business.
– A business loses too much money, bankruptcy proceedings take place and all assets are liquidated to pay employees and creditors.

How do you find out about these sales?

Target the same places you would for regular sales: Companies announce these sales on their websites and social media accounts. They also post “going-out-of-business,” “closeout” and/or “liquidation” sale signs on and near the physical brick-and-mortar locations. You might even see ads in local newspapers or hear about them through local radio stations.

What type of bargains can you find?

You can usually find the following items sold at clearance level pricing at going-out-of-business sales:

– Merchandise: Leftover in-store merchandise and sometimes products from an attached warehouse. Closeout sales for more than one store often involve merchandise trucked in from remote warehouses.
– Fixtures and Furniture: Anything that isn’t sold with the building is usually up for sale, including shelving units, cases, cash wraps, tables, chairs, bins, signage, televisions and security cameras.
– Office and Sales Supplies: Any supplies used in the running of the business are also typically sold, including computers, phones, cash registers, credit card terminals and related accessories.

Sale Tips

Keep in mind that closeout sales are designed to raise as much as cash as possible. Although many deals are fantastic, you should use common sense when shopping:

– Don’t be an impulse shopper. Compare the deals with non-closeout pricing for similar products found elsewhere to make absolutely certain that the sale is offering the cheapest price.
– Always check a sales item before purchase since you won’t be able to return it if it’s defective. If an item is in a package, ask the sale/store representative to remove it so that you can check it out and even plug it in if applicable.