Learn How to Get Cash Back on Your Favorite Products with These Tips

Everyone likes to spend money, and in fact, we all have to spend money on the necessities of life. Many times, it’s not a choice. But it is the choice whether or not you save money on your favorite purchases. If you want to actually earn money back the next time you go shopping, check out these key tips for doing just that.

1. Use your credit card perks

If you don’t use them right, credit card came be problematic for many people. But if you keep track of your spending and use credit cards wisely, you can actually end up making money on them.

Keep up-to-date with the credit card offers you receive in the mail. Try to stick with well-known credit card companies. Your goal should be to get a low interest rate for as long as possible while also receiving cash back rewards or rebates on purchases you make at certain stores or types of stores.

2. Take advantage of mail-in rebates

Mail-in rebates are often offered at specific stores, chains of stores or certain product lines. You can find mail-in rebates where you shop, on the Internet or in flyers you receive in the mail. Rebates often come with detailed instructions.

Make sure that you follow these instructions exactly so that you got your money back. Most of the time, you will need to keep your receipt and fill out a form. You might also need part of the item’s label. You will then have to send in the appropriate papers within a certain time period.

3. Try sites with Ebates

There are now many websites that offer ebates—electronic rebates—on the things that you buy online. Generally speaking, you will first need to sign up at an ebate website. From there, you will be asked to create a profile and choose stores and websites where you like to shop.

Ebates only come back to you via online shopping, so every time you shop at a website where the ebate site offers cash back on purchases, you will need to go to that store’s website via the ebate site that you are using. Make your purchase with the ebate site’s toolbar, and soon, you will see the cash back in your account at the site. Most of the time, you can make many purchases and gain a lot of money in your ebate account before you cash out.