A Quick Lesson in Chromebooks

A Chromebook is a special type of laptop that runs Google’s Chrome operating system, instead of the traditional Windows or Mac operating systems. Most of the documents and apps for these laptops are stored in the cloud, which makes these machines incredibly fast. They only take about seven seconds to power on. Continue reading to learn more about these sleek notebooks.

Benefits of the Chromebook

Each model of Chromebook is different, but they all have some really great features. One of the best aspects of the Chromebook is that its users can access their photos, documents, videos, and any other files from any device. Google provides 100GB of cloud storage space via Google Drive, and everything backs up automatically. All Chromebooks come with built-in virus protection, along with access to the thousands of apps in the Chrome Web Store. Chromebook shoppers also enjoy more flexibility when selecting the color of their laptop. The number of choices depends on the model, but some of the available colors are silver, orange, turquoise, and green.

About These Machines

Thin clients, sometimes referred to as lean clients, are inexpensive computers that are centrally managed. These machines do not have CD drives or expansion slots. The benefit of this type of computer is that without those extra features it is less costly and more secure. There is also less work required in backing them up. A lot of companies and schools have made the transition and prefer them over traditional machines.
Chromebooks work very well as thin client laptops, and they are easier for students and employees to use because they don’t become outdated. When these computers need an update, they do it on their own without user involvement. Chromebooks have been used as thin clients in businesses and schools of all sizes with great success.

The Latest Information

The most recent model of Chromebook is the Chromebook Pixel. It runs on a 5th generation Intel Core processor. It is currently their fastest model with 8GB of RAM. It was given the name “Pixel” because it was created with graphic designers in mind. At the high resolution of 2560X1700, the quality of the display is outstanding. The Chromebook Pixel has a battery life of up to twelve hours, but if the battery does run out just fifteen minutes of charging will extend the battery life by two more hours.