Buying a Great HP Laptop

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is known for making some of the finest laptops in the computer industry. They have a nice selection that contains laptops that can be used by business professionals, students and average people who just want to have fun on the Internet. However, the trick is to determine the right HP laptop for your particular needs. They are not all created alike. Therefore, you need to learn about each one so you can make an educated decision when it comes time to make your purchase. Here are some HP laptops that you can choose from.

1. 520 Notebook

This HP laptop has gained popularity among business professionals around the world. It is specially designed to accommodate many of the tasks that people in the business world need to do on a daily basis. You will be able to choose between having Red Hat 10 or Vista Business pre-installed if you decide to buy this particular laptop. It uses either a Celeron M or a Core Duo T2400 processor. The battery life is much longer than many other similar laptops, making it ideal for long plane trips when you will not be able to recharge it for a long period of time.

2. Pavilion dv9700t

The displays of these laptops are 17 inches. It is popular because of its superior display resolution. In fact, the resolution of the display is much clearer than other similarly priced laptops. While touch screen tablets now dominate the tech landscape, a laptop of this quality is still an excellent and reliable piece of equipment to bring with you on vacations and business trips. No matter which OS you install in this laptop, it will work well for you.

3. Envy

Envy refers to a large line of products that are sold by HP. Along with laptops, you will also find printers and desktops with the Envy name. The laptops in this series are the real standouts. They created quite a stir in the tech world when they were initially introduced. Consumers were impressed with the clarity of the screen and their light weight. College students started to buy Envy laptops in droves because they are extremely durable and able to withstand the punishment that a laptop in college must endure. Their price of $500 is much lower than the vast majority of other laptops on the market, making them more affordable to the average college student.