Discover Macbook Options

Apple computer products are taking the market by storm.  Many consumers who have tried Apple products swear that they will never again use Microsoft.  On the other hand, Microsoft products still have quite a few loyal subjects.  The Macbook laptop is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful and user friendly laptop computers on the market today.  Using and navigating around a Macbook computer is highly intuitive.  The visual display and the vastness of the hard drive are staggering.  Whether you are in brightest sunlight or darkest night you will see beautiful colors on the screen.

Macbook Battery Performance and Power

Largely, the reviews for the battery performance and the power of the Macbook laptop are positive.  Many consumers report that they can squeeze several hours of laptop battery performance from the macbook battery which is impressive for a laptop computer with as much power as the Macbook has.  As far as processing speeds go, the Macbook is incredibly fast and efficient.  Consumers will never have to wait long for a web page to load or an application to launch. The Macbook may not be as powerful as the iMac, but it is nevertheless a powerful machine.  The Macbook Air is a recently launched machine that is paper thin and yet still incredibly powerful and versatile.

Personal Preference in Choosing a Macbook

Some consumers are adamant that Macbooks are superior in every way, shape and form to PC computers.  Other consumers suggest that this is ludicrous and firmly stand by their PC laptop computers.  The truth is, the selection process between a Macbook Pro and a PC is largely based on personal preference.  Some experts have suggested that the Macbook is an artist’s computer while the PC is a businessman’s laptop computer.  However, there are many artists who prefer PCs and businessmen and women who prefer Macs.  Mostly, the decision between the two comes down to whatever you are most comfortable using.  If you have other Apple devices like an iPod, iPad or iPhone, you may wish to purchase a Macbook to more easily integrate your various devices.  If, however, you are comfortable with and familiar with the operating system of Microsoft computers, then you might want to forego the Macbook and opt for a PC laptop computer. There are pros and cons to both laptops, and personal preference reigns in the decision making process.