The Little-Known Design of the Rugged Laptop

Among the different devices available for use with mobile technology, the rugged laptop is probably the least known device. This laptop is specially designed to withstand harsh environments, making it an ideal computer for military personnel, field service workers and certain divisions of health care.

The Basic Design

All of the hardware comprising the computer sits security within a rugged and somewhat bulky looking case. The case protects all of the internal parts from water, dust and debris. It also allows the unit to be used in conditions of extreme temperature. The case is also rugged enough to absorb shock so the computer will not be damaged if dropped.

In addition to the tough design of the outer case, this laptop also has specially designed seals to protect the interior components from the elements. The keyboard is completely sealed so nothing can fall in between the keys, while the sealed port protects any cable used to connect an external device. The screen is also completely encased and designed to be scratch resistant. All of the protective measures used to create these rugged laptops, make them more expensive than other laptops.

Additional Features

Depending on the model, the hard drive might come as a removable drive. This could be beneficial when needing to transfer information in a hurry. The ports are generally covered with sliding doors, while the interior design allows for wireless connectivity even when the unit is exposed to extreme temperature.

The tough, bulky design of the case also makes it a bit heavy to carry, which is why the case has a sturdy handle. The screens for these laptops generally range between 11 and 13 inches. Even though these machines are designed with the ultimate in protection they do come equipped with many standard features. Hard drives, memory chips and multimedia drives could all be included in the design. Most are equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with some units having touchscreen capabilities.

Practical Uses for the Rugged Laptop

The durability of this machine means it could be safely used for research in Arctic regions, or for military tactics in desert areas without any damage to the laptop. It could also be used for public safety services where a mobile device is needed for important information. Medical personnel can also benefit by using this laptop in areas of extreme heat or cold, where preserving or relaying information is crucial.