Pros and Cons of Curved TVs

The basic reasons for using a curved screen television make sense since we use our eyes in the real world to view scenes in a curved fashion, but there are some reasons why and why not it’s a good idea to purchase a curved screen. The degree of sharpness and contrast are two factors to consider.

Advantages of a Curved TV

  • TV viewers feel they are more in the real world when watching a curved screen. It’s more like the way they view the actual scenes in life. The edges of the curved TV curve toward the viewer. The sides of the TV are slightly curved forward. This expands the field of vision to make it seem you are more a part of the TV scene than you would be when watching a flat TV.
  • Another factor that enhances the picture is that images at the edge of the screen are sharper than on a flat screen. However, it has been noted that this sharpness only seems evident with a larger TV that is at least 70 inches. Also another attractive feature is the 3-D perception you get with these TVs. You can see the foreground and the background in a more real life fashion.
  • With curved TVs the light from the TV is directed to where you sit so you get more of a contrast. In addition, unlike flat TVs, colors don’t become so diluted and they show more contrast.

Disadvantages of a Curved TV

  • One big disadvantage of a curved TV is that if you aren’t watching from the right position, the picture will be distorted and the screen’s image at the edge may curl around. If your screen is quite large, the distortion is smaller. Trying to fit a group of people into the optimal sitting position is not practical.
  • One major problem with curved TVs is the problem of onscreen reflections from bright lights like a window or a light fixture. This light source puts the reflection across a good part of the screen making viewing very frustrating.
  • The appearance of these TVs is also a consideration. They look all right when they are mounted on a stand, but they aren’t so attractive when put on a wall. To minimize some of the image problems, you need to buy a fairly large TV which is more expensive.