Understand the Technology Before Shopping for a Home TV

Technology has significantly impacted the design of modern TVs. Televisions are now equipped with high-def graphics, curved display screens and built-in Wi-Fi. This can be overwhelming when shopping for a home TV. Understanding the technology will help people make better choices.

Price vs. Technology

The price of a new Sony TV can range from $300 to more than $1,000 depending on the features. A basic HD TV with a 32 inch screen will be in the $300 price range. The screen is large enough to enjoy high quality graphics, but small enough to not require a lot of room. A basic TV will not include high-tech features such as Wi-Fi.

In contrast to the basic HD TV, the 40 inch smart TV will provide a somewhat lager viewing area and include built-in Wi-Fi and on-screen apps. The apps allow people to have quick access to the more popular websites, which generally include sites that offer streaming for TV shows and movies. This model would benefit people who use services for streaming programs. The size would require a bit more space and the price would be about $100 to $200 higher than the basic.

Additional Features Designed to Enhance a TV

The lighting on a TV will affect the brightness level and color scheme seen on the screen. The original flat screen high definition TVs were made with a system referred to as LCD. This system did not produce its own light source and was subsequently upgraded to the LED system. Newer TVs still have the liquid crystal display (LCD), but are backlit using the LED technology to create a clearer picture. When shopping for a Sony TV, LED will be used in the description.

The newer models of televisions are now labeled with terms like 4K and Ultra. These TVs are designed to increase the pixels in a display creating clearer, crisper images. While standard sets have 1080 as a resolution, these sets will upgrade that to 3,840. These sets are on the high end of the price range and can come in sizes as large as 90 inches.

In addition to the technology a TV is designed with, it is important to check for what type of connections it has for external devices. These would include cable boxes, Blu-ray players and game consoles. If the TV does not have the proper port, the device cannot be connected.